5 Possible Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Is On

Check engine light come on recently? Do you know why? There are many reasons why your check engine light may suddenly appear to ruin your day and haunt your dreams. Here are five potential problems your engine could be facing that is costing you money in gas mileage:

  1. Damaged Gas Cap Loose or missing gas caps can account for 147 million miles in evaporated gas each year. Your personal gas mileage may be reduced by .5 percent. If your check engine light comes on any time after your last gas run, be sure to check your gas cap to ensure that it is properly sealed and functional.
  2. O2 Sensor If you have ensured that your gas cap is working well, you might want to have your O2 sensor checked out as it is the number one cause of check-engine-light-mayhem. Every new car, and most cars produced after 1980, have an O2. The sensor is part of the emissions control system and feeds data to the ­engine management computer. The goal of the sensor is to help the engine run as efficiently as possible and also to produce as few emissions as possible. If this sensor isn’t functioning properly, unreduced emissions will cause poor gas mileage and can put a large dent in your wallet. That could mean about $900 in extra fuel costs per year.
  3. Ignition Coils Too much heat under the hood? How are your spark plugs working for you? How does a 20% gas mileage decrease sound? If you answered yes, no, and yes to the last questions, you might need to have your ignition coils replaced. Keeping poor coils will spell disaster for your vehicle over time if not replaced reasonably soon.
  4. Catalytic Converter What is a Catalytic…what? Doesn’t matter. All you need to know is that if there’s a problem with this and it’s ignored too long it will suck the life right out of your gas tank and cost you over $1,000 in repairs. If your engine light comes on and you don’t believe it is any of the other potential engine-light-related problems – run, don’t drive, to the shop!
  5. Air Flow Sensor Unchanged air filters driving in dusty, dry regions may see your air flow sensor take a turn for the worst. With a name like “air flow sensor,” you probably don’t want to be without it for too long; air is kind of important to the most important parts of your vehicle.

If your check engine light comes on, please bring it by your local Oklahoma City metro area Valvoline Instant Oil Change Center to receive fast answers and quality service.

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